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Here is how points will be accumulated for the 2024 Marin Wildside Enduro championship.

  • On each course, the runners accumulate a number of points according to their position (see the table below).

  • The result of your 4 best races will be used for the end of season cumulative.

  • Riders must register in the same category throughout the season to qualify for points. It is the rider's responsibility to register in the correct category. The organization detaches itself from errors that could occur on the part of the rider during registration.

  • Presence at the final at Mont Lac-Vert is MANDATORY for each runner who wants to be part of the 2023 championship.

  • Participation in at least 2 races is necessary to be eligible for the cumulative season

Cash prizes for the cumulative series winners of the 2023 season.

Elite Mens           Elite Womens
1=$2500            1=$2500
2=$800              2=$800
3=$500              3=$500


Expert Mens      Expert Womens

1=$500               1=$500

2=$300               2=$300

3=$200               3=$200

Sport Mens  Sport Womens
1=$300        1=$300
2=$200       2=$200
3=$100        3=$100


U19-17-15 Boys    U19-17-15 Girls

1=$300                  1=$300

2=$200                 2=$200

3=$100                 3=$100

Rules and Regulations Marin Wildside Enduro

1. Registrations (Non refundable)

1.1 - Quebec Races : All participants must be members of the FQSC (Fédération Québécoise des Sports Cyclistes) by one of the following three ways :

  • Being an annual member of the FQSC by registering on the federation's website.

  • Obtain the FQSC day pass on the day of the event from the commissioner present. (Now available to all Canadian residents).

  • Hold a UCI (Union cycliste internationale) license.

1.1.1 Sugarloaf Race NB : All participants must be a member of VeloNB through one of the following three ways:

  • Being an annual member of VeloNB by registering on the federation's website

  • Obtaining a daily pass online for the Sugarloaf event ($10) (Link to come)

  • Possess a UCI license (International Cycling Union).

Anyone who has a license from a different federation that includes a UCI logo on the card, as well as a valid UCI license number, can participate in the race.

1.2 - Every riders must subscribe according to their good categories. The organisators have to right to change a rider of category if they judge it necessary.

1.3 - Every riders out of FQCS jurisdiction must have a UCI licence with a UCI valid number to participate in races held in the province of Québec.

1.4 - Registrations are transferable up to 3 weeks prior to the event date. After this date, no transfers are possible. Transfers must be done autonomously between participants. Any errors made during the transfer are the responsibility of the runners.

2. Race

2.1 - Every riders must complete all the morning and the afternoon stages in the hours set by the organisators. The hours may change between different races.

2.2 - Every participants must be self-sufficient in the race, this also mean to have enough food and water to complete your day. We highly recommend to bring all the stuff with you to repair any problems that can happen with your bike.

2.3 - Riders are encouraged to help their competitors during the race. However, no help can come from a non participant in case of breakage, under penalty of disqualification. A mechanic designated by the organization can help cyclists during the day, only at the place designated by them. This is the only exception to the latter rule.

2.4 - The riders must follow the transition paths between the stages. Any participant seeing another cyclist derogate from this rule is required to inform the volunteer at the next departure. A time penalty may be applied.

2.5 - Taking a shortcut during the race to save time goes against the spirit of enduro and damages the reputation of the sport. Any rider who tries to shorten his time in this way will be disqualified.

2.6 - After a joint agreement between the organization and the chief commissaire, a time penalty (30 sec) will be applied to the riders who have accidentally shortened their route. In all other cases where a rider would use a shortcut, he would be systematically disqualified from the race.

2.7 - In the case of a tie, priority will be given to the athlete who has obtained the [AL1] lowest score by adding the positions of all the stages, if the tie persists the priority will be given to the winner of the last stage. [AL1] the largest number of courses with a better time.

2.8 - The organization reserves the right to remove an internship from the total time if necessary.

2.9 - Being disrespectful to a volunteer or a member of the organization goes against the spirit of the enduro and the Wildside Enduro. The organization reserves the right to ban a rider if such behavior occurs.

2.10 - Any motorized assistance is prohibited as much for the practices as for the races, under penalty of discalification. 2.11 - Practices begin when the Wildside team places the first indication of the course.

2.12- Only one bike per participant is allowed during the race.

2.13 - The overall classification of events will be calculated by adding the times achieved by each rider at each stage.

3. Protections

3.1 - Wearing a helmet is an obligation during all the race, even in the transitions lines. A rider who is caught without his helmet while riding may be disqualified without notice. This involves sections of untimed transitions. We highly recommend to have a full face helmet. (MANDATORY FULL FACE FOR RELEVANT CATEGORIES WHEN WRITE ON EVENT PAGE)

3.2 - It’s mandatory to wear an hydratation bag full of water or a body armour to take the start at stage 1. No one can do it without any of these protections.

3.3 - All riders needs a pair of long gloves.

4. Environment​

4.1 - Being respectful of the environment is one important point for the Marin Wildside Enduro organisation. Everybody must respect all the trails and the nature during the race. The use of tear off lens is prohibited. Any waste must be thrown away in garbage can and NOT on the ground. Time penalties may apply. 

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