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Team Creation

  1. Please choose a team captain.

  2. The captain must fill out the form below: LINK TO FORM

  3. Team members who want to compete under the team's banner must fill in the 'TEAM' field during registration.

  4. Ensure that the team name is exactly the same as the one created by the captain.

  5. Only categories with 6 or more riders per race will have access to team points.

  6. Points will be awarded to the top 3 positions in each race.

  7. Cumulative points will take into account all categories registered within the team.

  8. Team podiums will be celebrated at the last race of the season at Mont Lac-Vert. The cumulative points will include those collected during each race of the season.

  9. Teams must be created before May 18, 2024.


- Alpha Enduro

- Steez racing development

- NB Gravity Racing

- Vélo MTB Saguenay

- ChoppeurQuébec

- Équipe Laferté Bicycles Boralife

- RPS Racing

- Fresca Devinci Racing

- Club Vélo de Montagne Lac-Beauport Sigma Assurance

- Club Skinouk Vélo de Montagne

- Équipe Technolodge

- Rigaud Gravity

- Family Pack

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